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* firms your pelvic floor muscles * softens the pelvic tissue where its tense * strengthens your lower back * improves your pelvic awareness * increases blood circulation of your genitals * serving your Yoni lubrication * supports your urinary and digestive organs * clears blockages, and ultimately * cultivates your sensitivity, leading to * an experience of heightened pleasure

The more a woman is in touch with her femininity the better all her relations will be.

Would you like to feel all the pleasure you are capable of… ?

What is the YONI?

Sign of generative power. It is the Sanskrit name for ‘Sacred Place’

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What are the BENEFITS?

Help strengthen the uro-genital and pelvic floor muscles

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How to enjoy the yoni egg?

Inserting and wearing an egg is absolutely intuitive and easy

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What is the best care?

How to best take care of your egg so that it cares for you

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Eggsperience them!


We at Yoni Egg Rocks, believe in the individual touch. Each Yoni Egg is as unique as You are. When You give us permission to connect You with your Yoni Egg, it should feel like it’s your new best friend, that one You always knew existed. Your life, desires, intentions, motivations are important to us. it’s YOU who is most valuable to us.

automated systems might meet your comfort and convenience but will never be able to replace the human connection and the heartfelt celebration for each of these little gifts I send You.

Now available for immediate order. Treat yourself!


Collection of Goodness

Which STONE is best to start with? Choosing a stone is a very personal thing. Every stone will bring different healing properties to you. Each one brings various benefits. You should follow your inner voice and see what you are drawn to. Many love to start with Rose Quartz, Clear Crystal or Jade. They are most suitable for beginners, as they have great overall healing properties, but there is no right or wrong.W Which SIZE is best to start with? Most women start with a medium size egg. Larger women, those over 50 or mothers who gave several vaginal births may require a larger egg. The larger the egg, the easier it is to feel it, but due to its weight, you need to make sure you hold it. Once you have practiced, you will over time feel comfortable with the smaller egg. With a smaller egg however, it’s more challenging to sense, feel and play with. If you feel uncomfortable in the beginning, try sitting with it, or use it while reading, meditating. Once your strength starts increasing, you can easily use it while walking, etc.

*Disclaimer: Crystals support your healing energetically, it’s not a prescription or healthcare information. It’s vital to continue with prescribed medication. They do not replace a visit at your doctor or physician. We are sharing with the best intention. The wearing and practice with yoni eggs is at own risk.

*Due to the intimate nature of our products, we do not offer returns.

Our Commitment

My commitment is to naturally care for women in all cycles and stages, promoting health and well-being on all levels. This means we work with conscience and care. Yoni Egg Rocks uses only good quality materials, carefully sourced, energetically chosen, created and produced with love. It is spectacular watching these rough rocks becoming so soft and pleasing.

I am passionate about supporting as well those women who have supported the ‘birth’ and ‘growth’ of Yoni Egg Rocks. With a photographer from the USA, a web-designer from Africa, and a workshop team in Asia, some helping Angels in Europe, the main office in the Indian Ocean and the eggs flying in internationally, I am glad to see this little seed growing and expanding to all corners of the globe. Equally passionate about those who supported me, nurturing their potential, it’s vital for me to offer fair employment practices and contribute to a balanced lifestyle of those who work for me. As much as I care about my body, mind and soul, as much I care about yours. This is why I commit to quality only and promise high standards.

Yoni Egg Rocks On Worldwide Mission
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Taking a step back to integrate, create and self-educate. A well deserved, break for self-care and nourishment. Back in Service end of the Year.

And of course, I might tear up every schedule in favour of spontaneity… Don’t miss an update!
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About Me


Inspired by shattered hearts I empower women to walk the feminine path of self-care and deep self-awareness, connecting with our Source.

… after a Soul dive, the time came to free myself from these hindrances that kept me from experiencing my true nature. To match my heartbeat with the beat of the Universe. Without fear and conditioning, I understood that I am beautiful, wild, free, full of love and joy. I remain fascinated by what life has to offer, if one only follows their true calling. Never stopped wandering, never stopped wondering, I’m passionate about getting back to Nature through real food, regaining health through self-awareness, finding the divine union through Consciousness. Inspired by Reiki, Chinese Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, Ayurveda I integrate same for Deep Myofascial Bodywork, Yoga Therapy and Cellular Trauma Release following my calling as a Women’s Healing Arts Teacher. I am travelling regularly to share Yoni Awareness and Yoni Egg Yoga Classes all over the world.

Beautiful Women around the Globe! Embrace your Female Power, strip the layers away, liberate Your Body, Mind & Spirit, and experience a new found Freedom.

This is what I dreaming of – for Myself, You and all of Us!


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