Gift to womanhood

‘I was on my cycle…’ said a well known tennis player,

‘I was on my cycle…’

said a well known tennis player, when asked about her low performance. She silenced the audience.
Modern life expect us women to be the same like man. No question, we can do and perform in the same way. But some things are undeniably different.
And they should be respected. In the way we work, feel, relate to others.

When it is, it should not be a shame to say that it’s ‘that time of the month’.
‪#‎MenstruationMatters‬ and today is menstrual awareness day. We decided to speak. We should accept and honour it as a great gift to womanhood. We have to be aware what is around us, on our skin, but even more than what we insert.
For me… only the best.
For me, only menstrual cups:
How about you?

  • Robert-Jan 16th July 2015 Post Reply

    Dear Violeta, love your new website! Great ‘feel’ and beautifully designed. May your gift reach many!

    “Behold I do not give lectures or a little charity, when I give I give myself”
    (Walt Whitman)

    This is YOU!

    x RJ

    • yoniegg 16th July 2015 Post Reply

      Cordial thank you for sharing. Appreciate your kind words and looking forward to seeing more empowered women.

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