Mother for a day

a 24/7/365/rest of your life job identification

being a mother for a day feels perfectly right. the moment when it becomes uncomfortable, you hand your ‘little buddy’ over again and continue with your life. just gone through same and it fell like scales from my eyes.

being a mother is not only a 24/7/365/rest of your life job. it’s an identification. something you are going to live.

becoming a mother comes without instructions.

the little being can’t tell you what’s going on.

you can’t go to toilet when you feel like.

you don’t eat when you are hungry.

all your actions and reactions are set by this little bundle of joy, dictating your day, requesting all your attention, sucking your breast and walking away when you don’t pay attention.

people around you might not help when you want to go downstairs, or need to carry kid and groceries, but will curse you if your child cries too much, too loud and be surprised if not at all.

you will spend hours awake watching like an angel and be their biggest nightmare when setting boundaries. you are washing, feeding, washing, brushing, washing, cleaning, washing, watching, caring, telling, washing, caressing, singing, washing, loving and loving a bit more. giving unconditionally. trusting to have done right.

feeding your child.

feeling your child.

and loving again a bit more.

once I overheard a talk about the incapability of a mother, how spiritually undeveloped and unknowing she was. men have been criticising her. they didn’t feel ashamed even when I pointed out that she is a young mother only, dealing with much more then they could see and started arguing with me. it’s a shame that men judge women, society judges mothers. this is for all of us who forgot what it means to bring up a child.

‘And may we women
and mothers
continue to dream
and to weave a world that
will nourish our children’s
children and beloved Mother GAIA
for generations to come.’

and just for today…

thank you mother.

a little bit more.

love your mother.



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