GLUTEN-ned out!

‘It’s all in your head’ my friend said… and indeed, I for a long time thought if I just

‘It’s all in your head’ my friend said… and indeed, I for a long time thought if I just imagine I can have as much gluten as I wish, I will probably be able to have it. So I did … everything I recommend to you, I tried myself and here is how I felt that my body doesn’t like it… and here is my I-love-myself-more-than-gluten-declaration.

I tried to live without if for 21 days. Absolutely without. Had it again. My body felt really really tired, instantly. My intestines were about to explode, my belly grew to pregnancy-week-22-level and my mood worsened proportionally to the size of my belly. The next morning I felt unusual tiredness and ‘not really willing to get up’

Years after I stopped eating gluten-containing products (they are not only in pizza, pasta and breads, but in many foods) I feel like a concrete block has landed in my intestines. The special however are the next mornings… if I am unfortunate to look into the mirror I discover that my eyes are puffy and red, with bread for several days in a row, my forehead starts swelling.

My body tried to work the ‘luggage off’ and it takes hours to have a clear unpuffy face and look beautiful again. My adrenals are trying to work off the ‘thread’ and there is no time for a proper hormone production.

My friend was right… it really seems to be in the head. Maybe. And in the belly, in the yoni and everywhere else.
For now, I stopped and I can only advise you, give it a try.


If you feel great after you start again, then gluten has no influence on you. And if you feel a bit like I did – more dead than alive, grumpy, pimple covered, period-pain-ed, bloated or unsexual… you may want to consider eating it.
ah… and Gluten Free products are not necessarily THE solution, as the ‘GLU’ten is often replaced by chemicals of some kind. In this case, eat natural(ly glutenfree) foods friends! your body will thank you!

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