Kissed on the forehead

High heels were invented by a woman…

‘High heels were invented by a woman who was kissed on the forehead’

… as he was leaving, the cupped my face in his big soft hands, said ‘good bye’, placed a gentle kiss on my forehead, before he disappeared into the ‘never going to see you again’. standing in my flip flops I watched him leave. I couldn’t help but wonder about what this kiss could mean? an arrey of emotions and thoughts rushed through my head.

Kissing is a natural human gesture of affection, throughout ages, throughout cultures. This kiss could mean so much.

Is it the kiss that says I really care for you and I want to look after you and protect you? Does this kiss imply his respect for you? Maybe he doesn’t only feed his lust, but respects you? The touching of foreheads, is an ancient greeting that honors the heart and soul of another human being.
Amongst the Māori, it is nose to nose, forehead to forehead, called hongi. The Hawaiians call it honi, and it is practiced amongst the Tibetans, and the desert Bedouins. For the Priestesses, this is how we bless the Beloved. Third eye to third eye, sharing sacred breath.

Hugs suddenly appear so yesterday…

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