Tick tick tick…

Usually, I kept my eyes open for those big things which might hit me

Usually, I kept my eyes open for those big things which might hit me. ‘Little’ did I know that a ‘little’ creature will knock me out for a long time. Nearly a year of desperation, sensing all strongly, arguments with doctors. One even told me that I look too good to be ill. an emotional rollercoaster, a nightmare for each one who has experienced it similarly. Yes, I looked better than the average German patient, maybe therefore nobody took my pains seriously. One of the tests was a forward bend… I failed. At that point, I could still touch my toes.
I finally traded (whoever has worked with me, is familiar with my art of contracting.)
In the end I got diagnosed with Lyme disease… and the recommendation to begin antibiotic treatments. antibiotics… Me?!?!+%§?!?/?
The perfect moment to turn around and say goodbye… Goodbye to modern medicine and systems committed to destroy each spark of life within, doctors disconnected from compassionate support and incapable of holistic views. 

My path was pretty clear. diet, natural treatments, yoga therapy, meditation and clarity in who my real life’s parasite was. Insights to look at the ‘smaller’ things at times and how to start gaining strength, stepping back into my power. It’s now one year since I gained back my health, recovered and understood what chance I was given. What gift health actually is. How precious the moments of life are. And that all healing power is within.
I’m not telling you to ignore the doctors, rather always – ALWAYS – understand and double check. Go to those who hear you. never give up. build yourself up in all ways you can… but mostly feel.
you know what is right for you.
Do it.
And… as summer time starts again. Stay safe friends.

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