Evolution of privacy

evolution of privacy…

‘…the kisses. our lips raw.
by definiton: pri•va•cy (ˈpraɪ və si; Brit. also ˈprɪv ə si) n., pl. -cies.
1. the state of being private; retirement or seclusion.
2. freedom from the intrusion of others in one’s private life or affairs: the right to privacy.
3. secrecy.
a lot circulates about privacy, policies & protection. we need to be safe, our children, our future, our knowledge, our wealth, our health,…
let’s travel to my grannie’s village. maybe you recognise it?
buy something in the shop, everyone will know.
buy something matching in the shop, everyone will know.
invest in new furniture, everyone will know.
get drunk or abusive, everyone will know.
have a promotion, everyone will know.

make love with your wife. everyone will know.
cheat on your wife, everyone will know.
gossip about someone, everyone will know.
same time. same village.
your children are getting married. everyone will help.
you’ve had an accident. everyone will help.
your health is challenged, everyone will help.
your roof broke. everyone will help.
your fields are flooded. everyone will help.
your parents passed away. everyone will help.
your house got robbed (most unlikely) everyone will help.
at your last gasp. everyone will be with you.
our society has really evolved since my grannie’s village is not any more.

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