I still remember…

I still remember…the kisses. our lips raw.

‘…the kisses. our lips raw.
and how you gave me everything you had.
and how I offered you all what was left of me.
looking deeply through the windows to your soul.
breathless moments of union. you seeing me.
me seeing you.
and I will remember this small hotel room.
the feel of you.
the clouds floating in the sky
the smell of our luggage
the softness of coconut oil
half dressed, the feet bare.
lost in the beauty of the now.
the short moments ticking away
our bodies spilled together

the tiny flowing currents
immediate and forever
your leg, my leg
your arm, my arm
your hand, my breast
your smile, my laughter
you, who made me smile again
still shivering of joy when I hear
your whisper.

inspired by Bukowski
refined by Violeta

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