Loving a women that is wild & free…

… no matter how hard I did try to ignore

… no matter how hard I did try to ignore or forget that feeling for you. it’s always coming back like the very first time. always my heart jumping into my feet when i see you, lol do u have any idea why? a wonderful and painful feeling at the same time. I realized that, there’s no way or hope to get rid of you and you’ll stay the same for me, at the same place deep inside my heart. luv u, the way you are as free you are and as wild as you are.”

I am grateful. grateful for a man who stepped into my life on a hot, windstill day. the crickets were singing, the laundry slipped out of my hands, I didn’t even dare to look into his eyes.

loving me the way I am, though I could never offer him something in return. he did not stop the flow of emotions and gave me his shoulder over and over again. and indeed, I have no idea why.
thank you for your courage, openness and never ending love.
I am grateful he understands with his mind that my heart can not belong to one man and that my soul is one of a nomad. it is impossible to catch the wind.
nothing more to say…. travel safe beautiful soul, thank you for accepting, praising and loving me unconditionally. it is time to move on, you understood that you can never catch the wind as it would simply dissolve in your hands.

what would YOU say to this love letter?

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