Only 1? nope.. my 5 ways of using the Yoni Egg.

One of the main uses is to insert it in your vagina

1. in the vagina
one of the main uses is to insert it in your vagina and let the Yoni Egg do the rest. it will sit comfortably in the middle part of your vagina and move, challenge your muscles or allow them to rest.

2. as a meditation tool
you can use the Yoni Egg as a healing or meditation tool to release what’s holding you back. during meditation place it in front of you or your altar. your Yoni Egg is a powerful support for cleansing energies physically and energetically.

3. massage yourself
our body could always do with an extra portion of love. you can use the Yoni Egg to massage every part of it, it will welcome the healing properties of the stone and support you in releasing unwanted energies. Smooth as it is, use it for vaginal massage before inserting it. it’s delightful.

4. keep it close
at days, when using the Yoni Egg internally is not possible, I don’t want to miss out on the healing it gives me. hands in Bhairavi Mudra, which is very powerful for the sacral chakra – inviting the Shakti aspect, consciousness and manifestation. my hands are below my belly button, both palms facing up. left hand rests in right hand, elbows naturally tend to the side. I place my Yoni Egg in my left palm and benefit from its healing energy.

5. share the love
use the Yoni Egg while love making. the Yoni Egg will stimulate your partner’s penis, as it will rhythmically touch the tip of it. I have been told it’s very stimulating. give it a try… and decide if you inform your partner before or afterwards

any new ideas? looking forward to reading more!

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