Detaching from the negative

Do you recognise this breathtaking, literally breathtaking..

Do you recognise this breathtaking, literally breathtaking, embrace from someone who has nothing to give you? someone who drains your energy or you never can be good enough for? that person who sucks your vitality out of you, while you are wholeheartedly ready to share who you are?
as someone working in service for others especially, but not only for this reason, I feel that we all need to learn to honor our bodies, our feelings, our thoughts, and our sense of timing. we can pay attention to our own instinct of what feels right, good, and loving for ourselves.
can anyone be inside of us and sense what we’re sensing and feel what we’re feeling. our self-loving responsibility requires us to know, speak, and honor our own boundaries, sense of the right time and place, and reasons for things.
and decide what feels right, right now. take the liberty to say: Yes, as well like saying: No. or you can say: maybe later.

Jeff Brown reminded me:
It’s good to make a distinction between those victims who want to heal and move on, and those who prefer to remain perpetual victims, wearing their victimhood like armor. I am all for lending support to those who want support in their efforts to be liberated, but I have also wasted a lot of energy with those who simply didn’t want support. They may have even asked for help, but it soon became clear that there was no way past the wall of blame and darkness. This is not to suggest that we lose our compassion, nor to suggest that their wounds are not real, but our energies may be better spent elsewhere. Some people won’t take off their victim cap until something even more drastic snaps them into gratitude for this precious birth.

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