When did they stop crying?

A leather jacket. biker style, only tough guys would wear.

A leather jacket. biker style, only tough guys would wear. watching him taking it off. my thought: when did the stop crying?
he sank onto the massage table, my hands started moving. intuitively they reach the back of the heart. a spot hidden, often forgotten. a sigh of relief as a tap opened. guiding him through the cycles of breath, few strokes later… watering eyes. no, he didn’t cry, he said. sure.
when did he cried last? did someone tell him that boys don’t do that? and how about men? does sadness exist? what if he cried and someone saw him?

guys, it is ok to feel and just to be. it is ok to cry. there is nothing wrong with it. no need to hold your tears back. stop intoxifying yourself with suppressed emotions. release. sometimes not much is needed, just a gentle touch. ask any of us, we women are happy to remove your layers, to help you soften. in our eyes it makes you stronger.

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