Smelly? Itchy? Dry? 12 Secrets for a Healthy and Happy Yoni

All of us have experienced it

All of us have experienced it, but it’s a topic we rarely talk about. It’s a great sign of trust when women share with others about their discomforts or mishaps.

My connection with my Yoni was not always like it’s today. I have learned and here is what I’d love to share with you:
how I keep my your Yoni happy and healthy, light and relaxed…

1. Soaps & their relatives
our Yoni is a beautiful self efficiently cleansing organ. there’s little we need to do to maintain this.
first of all, I don’t use soaps and shampoos for my intimate parts. I don’t follow the mainstream trend to fragrance my yoni, naturally it smells great. every little thing we find in these commercial products is packed with chemicals and affects the natural balance. especially… never ever use any of those to wash inside the lips or inserting in the vagina. I simply shower myself with pure water… and sometimes I play a bit with it. a nice stimulation does miracles!

2. Toilet paper
having spent years of my life in countries with intimate showers, I feel properly washed when I use these to cleanse myself. toilet paper, only when I have to. but never those in various colours or with prints, fragrances. an absolute no-go are moist toilet tissues, which not only wipe off my traces, but as well all the good bacteria I need…. and to be honest. I don’t like my yoni to smell like a peach or lavender

3. Bottomless
if I have to, on special days of the month or when my outfit requires, my underwear is of pure natural materials only. cotton or bamboo are not only breathable, but super soft and don’t limit me in any way.
but honestly, I love when my Yoni breathes. whenever possible, I wear no undies. I gradually introduced it, with avoiding them during sleep, then it became so natural. It is one of the greatest gifts I gave her.

4. Red Alarm
since I discovered menstrual cups, I use only them. commonly used pads and tampax not only cause damage to our environment, but their bleaching and gluing process is nothing I want my body to feel (coming soon: my toxic shock – made by tampax). menstrual cups are easy, light, re-usable and convenient. If you wish to have your own menstrual cup, check out: for your favourite!
otherwise, use natural cotton pads. it’s a one-time investment, but after washing you can use them over and over again.
don’t be disgusted… much of our comfort is based on laziness and not always so for our best.

5. Anti-biotics – Anti-health
antibiotics, something what seems to be consumed like Sunday cakes, have the great capacity to help us fight infections, but as well destroy all the bacteria we have in our system. digestive disorders, skin irritation, and vaginal discharge are only some of the signs that the system collapsed. it couldn’t maintain the good bacteria anymore. there are many natural antibiotics and herbs… so use antibiotics only if you really have to. balance it with pro-biotics and an alkaline diet…

6. Talking of same… Diet!
one of the major players in our health is our diet. remember, healthy diet, healthy yoni. what healthy means? read more soon how we can contribute to a health femininity through diet, or check my posts in ‘the step to myself’.

7. Hormones & Co.
years ago I stopped taking any hormonal supplements, contraceptive pills, etc. commonly used, they appear to be something very natural. but remember, they suppress something very ‘women’ and disturb the flow of nature. literally. our vaginal cleanse happens every month, in the various phases of the cycles, various stages of cleansing happen. If the cycle is manipulated, so is the cleanse suppressed.

8. Baking Soda
coming from a part of the world, where baking soda is THE solution for nearly everything, you can rest assured that I found my personal use for it. after travelling a lot, sweaty classes,… I give myself a special treat: mix little baking soda with some water, applied on the intimate parts, shower it off and give myself a proper cleanse. baking soda has great alkalizing properties. afterwards I apply some coconut oil.

9. Garlic
when I feel some irritation in my yoni, or for a general monthly cleanse, I insert a garlic clove. garlic, with its amazing healing properties will not only chase the fungus, bacteria or ex partners away, but as well everyone else who wants to come to close to me wink emoticon a sign for a healthy pelvis (including its organs) is when few minutes after you insert the garlic, you smell it in your mouth. advise your partner, he’ll be delighted… rather with the long term benefits, than at the present moment.

10. Lubricants
lubricants are a big no-go in my bedroom. most of them are chemical and my body simply doesn’t want it. alternatively, if it’s appropriate, saliva does a great job, or my other magic all-rounder – coconut oil.
BUT: be aware that condoms are not safe, if (coconut) oil is your lube

11. Coconut oil
next to baking soda, coconut oil is always in my travel luggage. not only for its antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral properties. it’s also a great oil for self massage. after showering I apply it to all body parts, including my vulva. the skin receives it with pleasure, it is not sticky and greasy. apart from receiving it, I really enjoy giving myself a beautiful yoni massage.

12. Yoni Eggs
I have a set of various sizes and qualities for the different stages and moods I am in. Yoni Eggs work on two levels. physically, each Yoni Egg has the great capacity to wake up the pelvic area and activate a deeper cleanse. the choice of the stone supports then on an energetic level and removes blockages or emotions which are stored deep within.

The health of my Yoni is my reflection of my overall health as a woman. Not all the techniques were always available to me, but over the time I started integrating these simple rituals. they helped me to create a holistic expression of my yoni’s health and vitality, which ultimately leads to a profound sense of wellbeing and pleasure.

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