WHAT TO DO if your Yoni Egg gets stuck?

Here a handful of suggestions

well… simple. open your legs, bend forward and try to pick it out. little joke!

but seriously… what to do if it doesn’t find its way out again?
‘should I stay or should I go now?’ that’s something only your Yoni Egg decides. these little magicians know exaclty if there’s still some work needed to do or if the job is done for today. at times you’ll feel a slight fluuuuup’ing. you’ll know… time to get move.

and no… your Yoni Egg can’t get lost, it will not come out of your mouth and it will not disappear forever.

myself, I let it stay in and it can decide when the moment is right.. unless… there is this event and I am no planning to wear undies and I feel it’s better I remove it myself now.

Yoni Eggs are available drilled and pure. you may want to use dental floss, to remove it whenever you feel like. the control freak in your head will be satisfied…

here a handful of suggestions on how to remove your Yoni Egg:

1. squatting
in the same way you’d pee in a forrest. open your legs, lower your butt. heels on the ground, back straight, and stay cool. nobody is passing by.

2. vaginal strength
rest on your back, open your legs wih knees bent soles of feet in any comfortable position. and now use the strength of your muscles to push your Yoni Egg. important here: it’s not the tension of the muscles supporting you, but the relaxation (more about that in my ‘Feminine Essence’ Workshops.

3. our magic fingers
cupping index and middle finger I let them slide in, palms facing upwards and remove my Yoni Egg. don’t be shy. with or without Yoni Egg we should be familiar with our bodies… every part of it.

4. laughter brings happiness
but not only… it reduced stress, relaxes muscles and can eventually shoot out Yoni Eggs. as a laughter Yoga Leader I have spotted a few grin emoticon

5. the magic number
those who have my Yoni Egg Rocks Magicians have my contact details, and in case of ‘stuckness’ – get in touch. this is usually the moment when the Yoni Eggs decides to sneak out, silently -celebrating this intimidating moment.

and in case nothing works, I’ll drop by to assist you.
you’ll get to know more about Yoni Eggs and the effects of wearing them in one of my classes.
‘Feminine Essence’ focusses on the strength and sensitivity of our Yoni. you’ll feel the benefits of Yoni Eggs, and have time to connect with your Yoni Egg after class.

with love


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