For qualities and size, ask me


Yoni Eggs are said to be magicians on many levels. The wearing of Yoni Egg Rocks gems can vault you from silent content, to blasting delight, endless laughter, deep emotions, exhilarating feelings, senseless pleasure, tearful joy, orgasmic waves… and the occasional increase in breast size…

is your question:

what is my Yoni Egg size?

what quality do I need?

what else are Yoni Eggs good for?

… ask me, your Yoni Egg Rocks Guide.

Yoni Egg Rocks friends! have the best …….-filled summer ever!

Please use your imagination and own desires for the dottttts…

with love.



  • Kerstin 20th September 2016 Post Reply

    Hi Violeta,

    I did send you an e-mail a few days ago. I recently had trouble though with your homepage and my e-mails. Did you get my reply?

    I would love you to choose a yoni egg for me please.

    I had sent you a photo and a little discription. If you did not get it, please let me know, I will try again.

    Thanks so much and I am already so much looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,


    • yoniegg 29th April 2017 Post Reply

      Dear Kerstin,
      indeed, there seems to have been some trouble shooting.
      happy to assist you now, if you are up for it.
      get in touch, if it feels right.

  • Kim 10th October 2016 Post Reply

    Where are these eggs available?

    • yoniegg 29th April 2017 Post Reply

      Dear Kim,
      you can order them via the website or send an email. we are happy to assist you in finding the ONE Yoni Egg for you.

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