Green Jade Yoni Eggs

An abundance stone

Green Jade in all forms has always represented nobility.

in the Yoni Egg practice, that generates in the Tao Tradition, Green Jade was for the Emperors, a form of payment and the most valuable stone one could own. they used to create expensive stone weapons, jewellery and Yoni Eggs our of it.

this explains why only Queens and women of influential men would know about Jade Eggs and being able to share their secrets.

Green Jade is an abundance stone, representing the flow of the Divine energy into the reality of one’s life. it protects the wearer, promotes wisdom and peace, enhances emotional wellbeing. it brings harmony, as well like material abundance.

Jade supports self-healing. brings balance where it’s needed. Jade is a ‘Dream Stone’. it is said that it aids releasing of negative thoughts, irritability and soothes the mind.

the wearing assists in creating magic for the highest good and protection. very often used by travellers as a guardian stone.

Yoni Egg Rocks’ selection is offering a range of high Jade quality Yoni Eggs: Green Nephrite Jade, Black Jade & White Jade

due to its overall healing properties, Green Jade Yoni Eggs are very suitable for beginners.

Artwork by MaryBeth Lafferty

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