Yoni Egg blast?

but how…

among the possible interpretations, of which everyone has their own, here simply put: if you lose your Yoni Egg you are not able to isolate your muscles. as you start playing with control and release, you will feel how subtle the energies are you are engaging and ultimately feeling.

my personal Yoni Egg Blast highlights:

  • cleansing – many Yoni Eggs bid farewell because they are dropped into boiling water. save your Yoni Egg… boil the water. add some salt to it. and when you dip your Yoni Egg into it, please pay attention that it’s lukewarm!
  • bathroom – it’s a classic – dropping the Yoni Egg. if you are not sure that you can pee and relax with your Yoni Egg, remove it beforehand. when in nature, I go into a squat. occasionally I used my hand to catch it. (gives ideas for a new Olympic discipline. possibly with peeing in a heart shape). you might be lucky to get it out of toilet in one piece. eventually it broke… some blasts are even stronger… just imagine yourself explaining to your landlord why the toilet bowl shattered.
  • shooting – my latest mishap in a waxing studio. it was tickling and my giggles crescendoed into heavy belly laughter (those knowing me, are familiar with this skill)… and suddenly I shot my Clear Cystal Yoni Egg through the room. it hit the wall and split…

not every time your Yoni Egg drops it becomes unusable. but, if it’s cracked, it’s not safe to insert it.

there is always the option to keep it in a sacred place, travel with as a protective stone and/or design your own jewellery.

create something beautiful with it… and wear it everywhere you go. just NOT inside your Yoni.

I love it when people admire my new necklace! if they knew…