Sisters, are the warm sun rays dancing on your skin? are you enjoying the colours of nature, these tones that is getting softer? Late summer is my personal favourite time of the year. not only because I was born this season.

this morning a question arose in my German Facebook group, which I would like to answer you all …

my groups are closed ones.
that means no one can see what we write. neither my posts, nor your comments. your posts are only visible as long as they are approved by me. comments are always welcome. questions of course too. sometimes my priorities are somewhere else, then the answer takes some time, but I’ll diligently work on it…

I consider them safe spaces.

a safe space for me is not determined by gender, but the qualities that a person holds.

most natural to me would appear to get together, just as I have lived in simple countries without Facebook for years. but meanwhile I understood too, that the world is turning and that this Facebook-way is a valuable one to reach you.

at a recent workshop in Berlin, I laughed so hard … because it felt like ‘Facebook live’! YES, we were all in one room and experienced each one of us individually but also as a group – altogether.

groups on Facebook? there are many … things I read there are often not my style. I imagine it differently.

actually I see this platform as my home. women who are on it, would also be welcome on my roof terrace, with a cup of tea and lavender tops dancing in their face … some of you have already enjoyed that opportunity.

even some Yoni Egg requests softly decline, if it’s not a good fit – the time, the stone, the quality and also the way I am talked to. this is my definition of luxury.

my life-destiny taught me to conscious and wise when it comes to my resources. and this is my life-luxury. I enjoy it because it is a gift. I asked myself one day ‘will I reach the age of 40?’ but no matter how old I am: each of my days is a gift which I particularly enjoy in the morning hours.

facebook is not the center of my life. I answer emails when the time feels right, I accept requests of those who appear to have good intentions and communicate in a relatively unfiltered way.

women are sometimes rejected if got to know their vibe and intention from other groups.

Yoni Ei – Yoni Egg Rocks is not a marketing platform or self-help group. It’s my living room. if you are here, you are as well any time welcome to sit with me, cuddled in pillows and talk about the stars…

in love.


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