nowadays so many things get measured. almost everything is occupied with numbers. well…I understand the need.

how else would you know from how far away the moon is while you admire it at night?

how do you know how many square meters of life quality you have in your apartment?

how else could one imagine how high the treetops tickle the sky?

or even, if a flying bee is is fast enough to get the tile ‘busy’?

in fact I wonder if this kind of knowledge has always been considered as that important, or if it’s only in ‘our time’.

why do we need all that information we learn at school and that we are infiltrated through the media until we pass out?

was human intelligence always been measured by facts? did the old wise men have other criteria?

I think about my grandmother … she did not know many facts. but somehow she knew everything. the most magical stories, she answered all my questions, and it’s a lot by a 4 years old. above all, she knew exactly how to massage my back, so that my little, lively mind came to rest.

to me, units of measurement are really insignificant.

anyone who receives one of the recipes of my MagicTonics or delicacies will feel this very soon. it’s all about the ingredients, their quality and what you make of it… even then I’m not sure if it was really in there. I go with the flow and try…

but back to topic … Size, length, & more…

women sometimes ask me about Yoni Eggs:

how big is medium?

how many cm is small?

and how is the diameter?

my yoni is so small, will the yoni egg be too big?

Phew … I DO NOT KNOW, because at Yoni Egg Rocks everything is ‘about’.

because I do not measure. neither a penis nor a Yoni Egg.

when the Yoni Eggs are produced, we rather refer to the quality of the stones and their effect, then to the specific size.

a centi-meter specification can not really determine if it responds to us, what potency it has. It can not say whether it’s cosy in my Vagina or whether I will cause waves of arousal. whether my eyes start to shine or my lap gets light and loose.

it does not say what potential can be awakened and whether it is pure.

this statement does not say whether we fit together or not …

of course, I understand that it is easier for women to imagine how many cm they insert into their Yoni … but: where is a Yoni, there are no rules. as you know … YONIS HAVE NO MEASURABLE RULES. CORRECTION: YONIS HAVE NO RULES.

every woman has a different body shape, constitution.. each one of us is different. some are softer, more supple or well exercised. each one has her moments of pleasure, pressure, and also her own little boo-boo, that she experienced in the womb. your Yoni Egg will travel up your vagina and find the right nesting place. over and over it decides where something needs to be done.

numerous women have been delighted so far. I trust that the Yoni Egg finds the right women. and it always fits.

I BELIEVE IN THE PERSONAL MATCH, regardless of these worldly facts: size, weight, … the energy must fit.

it has to snuggle in, sit well and properly. it has to be a fulfilling friendship. so does every Yoni Egg finds a suitable connection…

by starting to break away from this belief that measure is important. that measure has a meaning. that it’s able to determin quality.

once upon a time I did believe that only a big penis could make me happy. I came to understand that it’s not. I met many that didn’t need to be categorised. they were just incredibly ‘great’ as they are.

Size really does not matter … I always thought …

until I discovered this eyelash brush …

in love.


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