Meditations with semi-precious stones that correspond to each chakra…

Chakra in Sanskrit means ‘Wheel of Light’. Through the Chakras the Spirit and Soul of a person become receptive to communicate with spiritual energies. They can be used for meditation, on your own, with your partner or in activating energies during love making.
first Chakra ~ Muladhara
* Red Jasper
second Chakra ~ Svadhisthana
* Carnelian, Red Aventurine
third Chakra ~ Manipura
* Yellow Onyx, Yellow Jade
fourth Chakra ~ Anahata
* Rose Quartz
fifth Chakra ~ Vissudha
* Green Aventurine, Green Jade
sixth Chakra ~ Ajna
* Sodalite
seventh Chakra ~ Sahasrara
* Rock Crystal

These seven chakras, or energy centers, in the body that become blocked. Meditations with semi-precious stones that correspond to each chakra can release these blocks and clear the path to higher consciousness.
Each chakra is associated with particular functions within the body and with specific life issues and the way we handle them, both inside ourselves and in our interactions with the world. As centers of force, chakras can be thought of as sites where we receive, absorb, and distribute life energies.

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