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The secrets of feminine power

Which STONE is best to start with?

Choosing a stone is a very personal thing. Every stone will bring different healing properties to you. Each one brings various benefits. You should follow your inner voice and see what you are drawn to. Many love to start with Rose Quartz, Clear Crystal or Jade. They are most suitable for beginners, as they have great overall healing properties, but there is no right or wrong.W

Which SIZE is best to start with?

Most women start with a medium size egg. Larger women, those over 50 or mothers who gave several vaginal births may require a larger egg.

The larger the egg, the easier it is to feel it, but due to its weight, you need to make sure you hold it. Once you have practiced, you will over time feel comfortable with the smaller egg.

With a smaller egg however, it’s more challenging to sense, feel and play with.

If you feel uncomfortable in the beginning, try sitting with it, or use it while reading, meditating. Once your strength starts increasing, you can easily use it while walking, etc.

*Disclaimer: Crystals support your healing energetically, it’s not a prescription or healthcare information. It’s vital to continue with prescribed medication. They do not replace a visit at your doctor or physician. We are sharing with the best intention. The wearing and practice with yoni eggs is at own risk.