Our Commitment

my conscious commitment to naturally support women in all cycles and stages

My commitment is to naturally care for women in all cycles and stages, promoting health and well-being on all levels. This means we work with conscience and care. Yoni Egg Rocks uses only good quality materials, carefully sourced, energetically chosen, created and produced with love. It is spectacular watching these rough rocks becoming so soft and pleasing.

Our eggs come from these countries of origin;

Jade – India, Burma
Rosequarz – Madagascar, Brazil
Clear Crystal – Indonesia
Agate – Indonesia
Aventurin – Brazil
Red Jasper – Brazil
Amethyst – Brazil
Carnelian – Madagascar

I am passionate about supporting as well those women who have supported the ‘birth’ and ‘growth’ of Yoni Egg Rocks. With a photographer from the USA, a web-designer from Africa, and a workshop team in Asia, some helping Angels in Europe, the main office in the Indian Ocean and the eggs flying in internationally, I am glad to see this little seed growing and expanding to all corners of the globe.

Equally passionate about those who supported me, nurturing their potential, it’s vital for me to offer fair employment practices and contribute to a balanced lifestyle of those who work for me.

As much as I care about my body, mind and soul, as much I care about yours. This is why I commit to quality only and promise high standards.